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Main Fields of Activities

Main Fields of Activities

-            Port development, operation and management, including port security system;

-            Port, coastal and offshore engineering, including fishing port;

-            Navigation channel and navigation aids planning, design, dredging, maintenance, etc.;

-            Container, bulk cargo, ferry and passenger terminals;

-            Oil and LPG berth, oil pipeline and storage facilities;

-            Environmental engineering, including EIA and EMP;

-            Port cargo handling equipment and port service vessel;

-            Port terminal buildings, including CFS, operation building and passenger terminal;

-            Highway, access road, bridge, and submerged tunnel;

-            Airport, including runway, taxiway, apron, etc.;

-            Water supply; sewerage and drainage systems;

-            Waste treatment and disposal;

-            Marine and inland waterway transportation;

-            River improvement and management, flood control, and channel development and stabilization;

-            Coastal and waterfront landscaping;

-            Seaside and urban waterfront resort facilities;

-            Automatic design system of port structures;

-            Geographical information system (GIS) of port facilities;

-            Earthquake engineering;

-            Coastal disaster control; and

-            Hydraulic, hydrological, oceanographical, topographical, geological and geotechnical engineering.

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