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Scope of work

Scope of work

Natural conditions and environmental surveys, observations, laboratory tests, and analysis;

-            Hydraulic model tests;

-            Numerical simulations on ship navigation, current, wave, surge, sedimentation / siltation / sand drift, earthquake, tsunami, terminal operation, etc.;

-            Social studies, economic studies, and sector studies including port and shipping sectors;

-            Master plans, pre‑feasibility studies, technical and economic feasibility studies, including traffic / demand forecast and investment plans;

-            Facility layout plans;

-            Basic engineering designs, including construction plans and rough cost estimates;

-            Detailed engineering designs, including detailed cost estimate, bidding documents, construction schedule and assistance in bidding and contract procedures;

-            Construction management and supervision;

-            Port equipment and vessels procurement supervision;

-            Training and technical guidance;

-            Orientation and advice on port operation, management and maintenance;

-            Project management;

-            Post-project evaluations, and

-            Technical consultations and recommendations.


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